Torneado de producción

  • Torneado de producción de GibbsCAM es compatible con un mecanizado completo de modelo de alambre de 2 ejes con funcionalidad completa para contornos, desbaste automático, múltiples picos y valles, desbaste por penetración, roscado, desbaste de forma repetitivo, fresado, pinchado y taladrado. Funcionalidades avanzadas, como mantener un conocimiento de la condición actual de las existencias, lo que hace que la programación de tornos sea no solo sencilla, sino extremadamente eficaz. Torneado de producción de GibbsCAM proporciona una funcionalidad poderosa y fácil de usar para programar los centros de torneado.

Full 2-Axis Programming

GibbsCAM Production Turning provides a full range of functionality for defining processes for efficiently machining 2-axis parts from wireframe geometry.

Graphical Tool Definition

GibbsCAM Production Turning’s graphical user interface to define tools shows the user key dimensions to allow easy and error free tooling creation. The system supports wide variety of predefined tool types as well as user-defined form tools.

Start/End Point Control

With GibbsCAM Production Turning you have complete control over where you initially position the tool to start machining to where you finish machining. Approach extensions are automatically generated if the tool is started off the machined profile.

Advanced Roughing Routines

GibbsCAM Production Turning provides a full range of roughing routines such as turn roughing cycles for plunge roughing with automatic shoulder stroking, and pattern shift roughing with constant path and constant step over choices.

Material Awareness

GibbsCAM Production Turning maintains an awareness of remaining stock material allowing automatic calculation of entry/exit and toolpath moves to reduce programming time and eliminate air-cutting. Knowing where remaining stock is also allows the system to automatically define rapids which avoid material.

Tool Approach Control

With GibbsCAM Production Turning you can define toolpaths so the tool cuts in both forward and reverse directions or in one direction only. No tool dragging automatically calculates optimal cutting toolpaths, so the tool is always cutting in a forward insert direction.

Canned Cycle Support

Production Turning provides support for a wide range of canned cycles, such as face, OD/ID and casting canned-cycles for roughing and finishing operations as well as most drill-type cycles.


GibbsCAM Production Turning includes a built-in library for all popular thread form data allowing threads to be quickly and accurately programmed.