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DuraForm® ProX® AF+ is a high stiffness aluminum-filled nylon material capable of producing parts for rigid functional assemblies. Parts printed in DuraForm ProX AF+ have an excellent surface finish with a metallic aesthetic delivered directly from the printer. This metallic composite nylon material is ideally suited for complex parts with functional strength and affordable costs. DuraForm ProX AF+ can easily be machined and polished to add press fits, tappings and other post-print modifications.

Applications include: 

  • Creación de prototipos funcionales y piezas de producción de bajo volumen para:
    • Automoción
    • Aerospacial
    • Productos de consumo
  • Carcasas y cerramientos
  • Snapfits and complex assemblies
  • Conectores

Impresoras compatibles con este material: